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The Back Story

The Car Wash Kittens

        Below you will see a series of photos of kittens who are looking for a forever homes. 

We want to let you in on the back story behind these adorable kittens.

        A few weeks ago these precious kittens were found cold, wet and hungry at an abandoned car wash. After their rescue we have been able to provide them with needed medical treatment and temporary foster homes. But they need a forever home.

        If you think you or your family are ready to commit your love to them please contact us and help us in our mission to save their lives.

                                       Thank you

In Need of Forever Homes



Spot (black and white female) and Buttons (fluffy grey tabby) were both trapped and fixed and vaccinated. We were short on fosters at that time, so they were returned to their colony near a mall in Sebring, Fl. While they were in foster care they were a little shy, but both litter trained, both liked other cats and small dogs. They are in danger of being run over by cars at their current location and need to go to a new home where they will be safe. Both Spot and Buttons like to be petted. If you can help these two kitties please call 863-382-7138.

Little Kitten

Little kitten found hanging around Worden Realty in Avon Park. Don't know where his mom is, but he's all alone. Very friendly and loves to eat. Unfortunately, the girl that found him is allergic and cannot take home, so he hangs around outside waiting for someone to pick him up and give him some loving. He's on his way to Sebring Animal Hospital to get the full treatment (i.e. de-wormed, flea medicine, ears checked, eyes checked, basically picked, poked and prodded) When he gets a clean bill of health, he'll be ready to go to his foster's home for some TLC. Only problem is we don't have a foster for him currently. If you can take him in your home for a month or two until he's ready for adoption, please call 863-382-7138. THANKS!!!

Little Baby Found

Little baby found in the Frostproof, Florida area. He needs a foster mommy. Be an angel and save a life. Call 863-382-7138

Fluffy Kittens

Sebring, FL. Beautiful fluffy three new kittens surrendered last week. Maine Coon type. 2 girls and 1 boy. We desperately need a foster for these beauties. It would only be for a few weeks until they are big enough to spay/neuter. (863) 382-7138

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New Kitten

New Kitten-1

We are new rescues.

New Kitten- 2

We are currently being fostered.

New Kitten- 3

Once we are fixed we will be ready for our forever home!

Looking For A Forever Home




COURTESY POST. A Florida breeder/hoarder got closed down and these are some of the rescues. A nice couple has them but cannot keep all Siamese cats and kittens. She is looking to adopt out four Lynxpoint Siamese kittens, 11 weeks old. 2 males and 2 females. Their adoption fee covers cost of spay/neuter and shots and you will receive some of the adoption fee back with proof of spay/neuter. The adoption fee is $350, with $100 going to Heartland Cat Rescue as a donation. Please call Kate at (863) 273-9259 or Susan at (863)382-7138.




Hi - my name is Cuddles. I was rescued from the Lakeshore Car Wash in Sebring, Fl. I am so glad to be in out of the rain!! I love to get belly-rubs from my foster mom, but she says I need to get adopted into my forever home. I will be at the Sebring PetCo this weekend if you want to come see me. I think you and I would make an awesome twosome!!!


Only one left- Murray is smaller but also a leader, loves to explore, playful and confident. He is the only one who makes a sound- not a meow- more like a chirps

Tippy and Pickles

Hi - I'm Tippy and this is my brother Pickles. Our dad had to go away for a while and mom has to move in with Grandma for a couple of months until she can get into her own home. Unfortunately, Grandma is allergic to us so we can't go with her. She wants to keep us but needs a foster for a little while until we can be together again. She says she'll pay someone to keep us until then. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, we need a temporary place to stay. Were very scared she'll have to take us to a place called Animal Services. Please help us and call our mom, Stephanie, at 863-215-5235 or 863-677-5155 or Susan at 863-382-7138. We'll be extra good - promise!

New Kitten (1)

Currently in man's garage

New Kitten (2)

 A kind man rescued three little kittens and has them in his garage, but needs to find new home or foster for them ASAP, He cannot keep them but doesn't want to surrender to Animal Services. Please call 863-382-7138 if you know of anyone that can help!!

New Kitten (3)

Currently in man's garage!


COURTESY POST: Jilly is a young muted Calico female cat. She is spayed and has her shots. Her mom has to find a home for her as some of the other cats pick on her. She is very dog friendly and she likes to snuggle with her brother so she definitely gets along with some cats.. Adoption fee is $45 but she comes with her litter box and large box of litter, toys and other goodies. Please call Victoria at (863) 273-2611 if you want to meet Jilly in person.


So beautiful- Still needs a forever home!

Car Wash Kittens

We have a lot of "car wash" rescue kittens available for adoption!

Looking for Forever Homes